Thursday, June 16, 2005

Samaan-e-shauq hai ye baham

Frivolous... huh? “Not serious in content or attitude or behaviour; of little weight or importance.” So that excludes books, music, movies, hobbies, work, right? Good.
In random order, then:

Eight frivolous things that bring me joy
1. Lip balms. Right now on my dressing table: plain petroleum jelly, a luxurious banana, a tingly mint, a smooth pineapple, a so-so strawberry and a crappy sparkle gel from Streetwear.

2. Bath Accessories – soaps, bath salts, bath oils.
When Shweta brought back Lush soaps from London, we started to have a soap platter – we’ve run out of those ones but still manage to have a variety to choose from: lemon, neem, lavender, green apple, sandal…. Deliberating over which soap every day… yes, that gives me joy.
Bath oils and salts – I made a fresh bottle of rose baths salts recently – pale pink, with essence of Rosa damascena… heavenly!

3. Pedicures.

4. Stationery – paper, pens, pins.

5. Corn on the cob. Mokka bhutta. Choosing tender/medium ones from a pile, watching the vendor strip it efficiently and roast it over coal, fanning the bed to a bright red. Generous slathering of nimboo dipped in salt and kala namak. Paying man measly Rs 5 per ear, wrapping in leaves, and nip, nipping away.

6. Churans and suparis. You will have guessed by now – I can’t have one of anything, it has got to be a collection. Churans on kitchen shelf at present time – jeera goli, anaar daana, amla churan and aloo bhukhara. Suparis: pineapple, khajur, khas khas, gulkhand, couple of other assortments that don’t have names.

7. Having my cell phone conversations end at the dying seconds of a minute, extracting maximum yak for my buck. Conversely, nothing annoys me more than a call duration that reads something : 02.

8. Finding a chatty Hyderabadi autowalla when I'm by myself and feeling like some conversation.


The Marauder's Map said...

Hi! Have been missing for a while, and then I get back and see a positive flurry of posts.

Ok, lets see now:

1. Lip balms -- check

2. bath accessories - check

3. pedicures -- check

4. Stationery -- furious check

5. churans -- ditto

I went to Sing-Malaysia last year and spent a fortune on Body Shop stuff. Also let out whoops of unrestrained joy when I hear they're opening in India. You get Lush here now, right? I've seen stores in Bangalore, though maybe that's a different chain.

Sheetal said...

Soul sister!
Yes, the Lush store in Bangalore I've heard of - you can even order online but they're horrendously expensive and something in me rebels at paying pound equivalents.
But what about that cinnamon soap huh? Transparent deep orange with cinnamon bark in them. sigh.

I'm still finetuning my bath salts process, but as soon as I get there, I'll send you some, ok?

Churans! a friend brought me some Ramans ber churan from Cal. Fabulous.