Monday, June 20, 2005


Bashkul is napping at our place today. She was cranky this morning, fighting sleep and determined not to miss out on the fun, so we brought her over. She fell asleep, and she’s here as I write, trying to tap the keyboard as softly as possible.

When she does this at Radha Aunty’s, they just darken the room, pull the door close and go on with their lives. Not us. We’re so incredibly honoured to have her here, to know that she feels at home enough to fall asleep (she’s a suspicious kind of a baby) that we’re tiptoeing around the house. All but the most essential conversation has ceased, we’re speaking in theatrical whispers. Our gate creaks, and so at the first hint of noise, the door has been opened and the dhobi intercepted before he can ring the bell. She will wake anytime now, and be taken home to have tachi mamam.


Navin said...

It also sleeps huh?


Sheetal said...

It does indeed :-).