Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The monsoons arrived here today. Early this morning. Clouds so dark and so low, I could’ve touched them if I’d been a little taller. Overnight the bleached whites, browns and gold have gone, and filters have descended on the world – the blues are deeper, the pinks are pinker, everything else is purply gray.

I like this. Imagining a huge mass of cloud moving across the subcontinent casting a huge shadow as it moves north, northeast. Shade, succour, water.

I remember Bimal saying once that lightning in Kerala was quite something else. Everyone from that corner of the world agrees. I mean to do that sometime. Some year soon, I’ll pack and go visit Kerala in the last week of May. Go to the southwestern-most tip of this land, dangle my feet over the lip into the sea and see the clouds coming.


Anonymous said...

Good. May the monsoons last long this year and quench Hyderabad's thirst! Priya

Sheetal said...

Thankoo. We are needing much dua like that - they came and stalled! Everyone is worried.
Water Board has stopped booking tankers because they can't supply, would you believe?