Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Khamoshi khud meri sadaa ho

Silence is the Way, He says.

But the way to Silence is chaotic, I find.
Like a recalcitrant, protesting child being hushed, patted, cajoled, murmured into quiescence.
Losing immediate fodder for its grind, the mind digs deeper, and brings up older, forgotten layers.
"I thought we were done with that," I thought in dismay, when it brought forward an old, particularly nasty aspect. I slept lightly, woke up in the small hours and remembered - uncharacteristically - every dream that had segued into the next in a playlist from my hell.

But it was good. A sensation lingered between the brows throughout. I got a few shelves cleaned, repaired a few garments... and I have the trick now.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

On Kriya

I left abruptly back then, do accept my apologies
Time was of the essence however, notwithstanding my sorrys

‘Kriya’, I said, and I see you blink
Why, I can positively hear you think

If you be as sharp as I think you be, you fasten on to that word
‘What manner of creature is this’, you ask, ‘what mammal, what bird?!’

A kriya, mon amis, is a process, an internal action
One, we believe, will bring a positive reaction.
As I do it – this is the hope – the mind will quieten
And spur me on to higher things, namely, Ultimate Liberation.

But let me dwell now on the exactitude that is needed
For you must be very correct indeed, if you will so be kneaded.
The kriya requires a precondition that goes by a name
“Empty Stomach Condition” – yeah, that’s the game.
A mere four hours after a meal will achieve it
But easier said than done, my friends, oh, do believe it.
As I countdown to the ES Condition
I must refrain from unthinking ingestion
Elevenses, snacking, munch, nibble – every such word
Is banished from your life, you’re forever altered!

And then you must be quite on the dot
To do the practice with the precision of a bot.
Should you delay, demur or procrastinate
Do you imagine your hunger pangs will abate?
No, au contraire, it often happens, as you linger
Hunger goes on to gain strength, rendering you asunder!
Still you must persist, pursue and persevere
It does not behove a yogi to baulk at circs. severe
A few hours of fasting – pooh! one must snap
One’s fingers at paltry travails and such crap
So it is much better, I say, to go by the ping-ping
Just do it on time than endure the whole damn thing.


I said this day on my facebook home page,
in reverential homage to Another:
Season 9, Ep 11: How I Met Your Mother.
Whosoever wrote it: you simply ROCK, birather!

A whole episode in rhyme, they said, and bedtime stories three
With a bus journey thrown in, why, simply, just like that, for free!

The baby Marvin will not sleep unless he is crooned to in rhyme
So we chuckled, we heard Marshall spin it out, and yes, we kept time.

It has inspired me, so it has; I find doggerel infinitely amusing.
So I’ll go on a bit, don’t mind me, tho’ you find it bemusing.

How long we’ll go on we cannot say, difficult to predict
As far as the mood lasts, or the habit is kick’t.

But I go off right now, off to do my kriya
I have to time it right, you see, or it’ll cost me dear.