Friday, June 03, 2005

Dina charya

Have worn nice red hand-embroidered kurta, in sympathy for my sister who needs a generous helping of the force today. Also, many compliments have come my way – I must get out more often. New kolhaps giving me a nasty bite, though.
Incidentally solved my first sudoku puzzle yesterday in 10 minutes. Yesss! Math has always been a bugbear, in spite of a 95 out of 100 in my Class 10 board exams (thought I might as well tell you what brilliance we’re dealing with here - how many chances do you imagine I have of slipping that into casual conversation?) Where was I? Yes, Sudoku doesn’t need math – you only need to know to count from one to nine and summon up a bit of logic. Good fun. It may become a habit – we shall see. Else there is always Freecell.


Keshav said...

Will be glad to try out some soduku or any other type of puzzle if you can post them.

Sheetal said...

Keshav, there've started to appear in all the newspapers here - Deccan Chronicle and The Hindu's Metro Plus. That's where I've been doing them. Online, there is