Friday, April 21, 2006

Roshan jamaal yaar se hai anjuman tamaam

I think there is something about the poetry of Hasrat Mohani that very much appeals to the musician in Mehdi Hassan.

I have always thought setting a ghazal to music a challenging job. To do it well, that is. There are disparate pieces of poetry in one meter and rhyme, sometimes staying in one mood or vein, sometimes not. To bring the poetry forward, to pay due attention to the sher while balancing the ghazal and still be melodious enough to captivate.... There is a ghazal of Mir’s for instance that has not been done justice to in all the recorded versions I’ve heard.
Patta patta boota boota haal hamara jaane hai
Jaane na jaane gul hi na jaane baag to saara jaane hai
Shweta sang this once in a tune of her own, which to my mind was a better, more evocative composition than any of the others.

But I was talking of Hasrat Mohani and Mehdi Hassan. Those acquainted with the Master will know: his career is filled, filled with wondrous offerings. Raspy honey. There are two compositions of Mohani, however, that are extraordinary renditions even by those high standards. Roshan jamaal and Kaise chupaun. Nearly the same raga – not exactly but close – and I love them both.

Kaise chupaun raaz-e-gham… Mehdi Hassan invests this ghazal with such pathos, such meaning. You begin to read between the lines, finding more than there is. The two lines of each sher begin to seem like broad outlines of an intriguing picture and you’re left to colour the fine details in, with whatever lines, hues you please.
Kaise chupaun raaz-e-gham deeda-e-tar ko kya karun
Dil ki tapish ko kya karun soz-e-jigar ko kya karun

Shorish-e-aashiqi kahaan aur meri saadgi kahaan
Husn ko tere kya kahun apni nazar ko kya karun

Gham ka na dil mein ho guzar vasl ki shab ho yun basar
Sab ye qubool hai magar khauf-e-sehar ko kya karun

Haal mera tha jab batar tab na hui tumhen khabar
Baad mere hua asar ab main asar ko kya karun
I’m sorry I couldn’t find this online to link for you, but if you should find a tape or CD with this ghazal on it, take it.


Shweta said...

hey yes da! did not realise that the were both by the same shayar.and in both cases,such a splendid marriage of shayari and mosiqi nai?
thanks also for flattering mention. full shy coming.

koushiki said...

hi sheetal. thanks for your good comments regarding these gazals. I am agreat fan of Jagjit singh but I am feeling sad for not having his albums now a days.

Sheetal said...

Shweta: yepus, yepus. both of these better than chupke chupke raat din, kada?

koushiki: thanks for stopping by.

Prashant said...

Slightly off-topic and sorry for jumping in from no where:
I am looking for the meaning of the couplets in the ghazal: Patta patta boota boota. If you know the meaning, could you please explain? Couldn't find it anywhere on Google.

I haven't listened to 'Kaise chhupaun raaz-e-gham' but I guess it must be a great ghazal. Your description is, indeed, very beautiful.

Sheetal said...

Thank you, Prashant.

Patta patta boota boota.. I'm not sure I understand all of it myself, par thodi mohlat denge to koshish karenge

Riding the Moment said...

Some 12 years evening somewhere in a small town on All India Radio....i had heard this //Kaise chupaun raaz-e-gham// by Mehdi Hassan.....and till this date...I have been looking for this song...n out of the blue I googled this song....and just one result with this song....U deserve a Million Thanks...for letting me know the info about this Ghazal...Thanks indeed

Sheetal said...

Riding the moment: How these songs haunt us sometimes! The picture you draw is very familiar - like you, I remember snatches heard some clear night, years ago, on radio... songs I've never heard again, but that've stayed...

Delighted to be of use.

Riding the Moment said...

I finally got that Ghazal (Kaise chhupaaun raz-e-gham...).it was actually rendered by Mehndi Hassan sahab...and I guess an absolute silence cud be the best applause..can send u a copy of mp3 if u want!

Sheetal said...

Oh good! Yes, please, I'd love an mp3 version. Thanks.

Riding the Moment said...

Did u get that mp3?

Rajiv said...

Hi I was searching it all the while and I got here.
You can download the song here
rtsp://"Kaise Chhupaon Raaz E Gham"&author="Mehdi Hassan - Ghazals Vol 01"©right="©2006"

Sheetal said...

Thanks, Rajiv.

Mahesh said...

Hey Kiddo, I am having one of those waah moments listeningto Abida Parveen Roshan Jaamaal yaar se hai anjuman taman... Deho jo chasmen yaar i jaadu nighaihayan..
Maybe when I visit my fols Maredpally we ghazal lovers will throw a mean bash with great food and the good stuff

Mahesh said...

Ola I meant when I visit my folks in Maredpally ...Hey I think you will agree that Abida Parveen's from Rag E Bismil CD ( I think) is wicked good especially with the overdubs. Mahesh1104atyahoodotcom

Naga said...

One of the greatest Gazal 'Kaise Chupaun' from the greatest Mehdi Hasan Saab. What a rendish!! I am trying to make out which Hindustani Raag this song was sung. Anyone if please post.

Sanjeev Mishra said...

Youtube has one of these sung by Mehdi Hassan

Sheetal said...

Sanjeev Mishra, thanks a lot for those links - still into the first one and it's superb! 26 something minutes of mastery.