Friday, June 24, 2005

Just the other day…

I was out in the evening, buying a few essentials – not far, just the local market. The road is narrow; and there were about seven cars trying to fit into space designed for two. Honking and chaos. An auto stood to one side of the road. Four lads in it, lounging; a couple of them sitting sideways, legs swinging out of the vehicle. I wanted to pass, but the cars were going crazy, so I waited. The young men watching me. A lull and I passed the auto, trying to strike a balance between death under a Sumo and possible aura contamination.

I moved quickly but he was quicker. A sharp, stinging pain in my elbow – I didn’t know what it was – a sharp bit of damaged coin, or a cigarette, perhaps? Red clouded my mind – I turned back, and confronted him. Uttered a couple of threats and wagged a finger in his face. He seemed a little taken aback; he said he didn’t know what I was talking about. It wasn’t enough, but it would have to do. I walked away, seethed for the rest of the day and tended to the red wound on my arm.

It wasn’t about anything, that. Just ‘oh, girl’ and reaction. Harassment. Because.

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Jasmeen said...

hi sheetal

many thanks for writing in!!

this is great and indeed very nice of you.

looking forward to responses.
and CLOTHES from people reading this. ( did you ask for it)

best wishes


Gaurang Prajapati said...

Clothes ?