Sunday, September 22, 2013

What's on your mind?

Feeling sick. A not-so-great curry puff from three days ago is still messing up my stomach - I just wished I'd earned this with a nice pav bhaji at least.


I saw The Lunch Box yesterday and it was everything they were raving about. Excellent performances by everyone. (I remember Irrfan Khan from all those years ago in a serial called Banegi Apni Baat and feel a little particular pride at the long way he's come.) I loved the life they depicted for Ila. The upstairs 'Aunty' whom we never see (fabulous little part by Bharti Achrekar), their shared lives... Ila asking Mrs Deshpande to switch off the music because her husband has come home, the basket that ferries domestic essentials, the complete sympathy between their desperately lonely existences.

The credits included an astonishing number of production houses and organisations -- what on earth was there for so many people to do in such a small film?


Still feeling sick. What shall I do? Gruel and bananas till I get better or just gobble what comes my way - how long can this tum-tantrum last anyway?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Very silly hai inki love life!

I watched Shuddh Desi Romance yesterday and can't think why I wasted two-and-a-half hours on characters who simply didn't know what or who they wanted.
After a stunning debut in Kai po che, Sushant Singh Rajput was blah. The girls were better, esp Vaani Kapoor; and Rishi Kapoor was FABULOUS but that still doesn't make up for the jalebi plot. Not shuddh anything, not desi (surely commitment phobia is an imported angst) and definitely not romantic. Maneesh Sharma, you annoyed me so much.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

For a spotless mind

Something atmospheric has left me restless today. Impatient, bored and above being pleased.
I tried the old remedies and oiled my hair; tried the new and spent an hour on youtube... but neither took care of it.

There are several things I want to write about but this is not the mood to attempt them in. Sounds seem to grate on my skin, so music is out. A film perhaps, if I could zoom in on the right one? Or a spot of quiet mindless stillness. If it could be ordered.

Monday, September 02, 2013

My world against yours

I have raised an eyebrow, smirked in amusement, shaken my head and scoffed outright at so many opinions, people and attitudes this morning... and it's barely noon.
Some days, the world is just so wrong.