Friday, October 27, 2006


...on a trek, people.
Sahyadris. A trail with many of Shivaji’s forts, Buddhist temple caves and sundry temples dotting the way.

My bag is packed; I think I've thought of everything. Gnawing worry that my shoes may not behave perfectly, but we shall soon know. A little extra bump in the arch contour of my left shoe that MAY hurt after the seventh hour of walking – never say I don’t give you details.
My pack is ominously bulgy and I still haven’t put in the water. The pro packers say I don’t really need five shirts but what do they know. But see, we’ll be consuming the glucose and the chocolates and I’ll be wearing the shoes (hopefully). So that’s 400 - 800 gms off eventually. Hmph.

Do I need 1½ litres of water? YES, I do.
We are taking binoculars but not the field guide.
Camera, tick. Batteries, tick.
Bandana, 1 nos and soft handkerchiefs, 2 nos still drying on clothesline; to be stuffed in.
Too late to go out and buy insect repellent.
Shweta has set her heart on whistles which we ain’t got. Shall just have to make SURE we don’t get separated from group.

Happily in a few hours, it’ll be too late to do anything about anything. Wish me luck, no blisters and perfect weather.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

On the remake

Why is everyone intent on revisiting older classics? Umrao Jaan, Don, Sholay - ah well, at least it gives the news channels something to do. Half hour specials every day. One yesterday that compared frame by frame Helen's Yeh mera dil pyar ka deewana number with the new one by Kareena Kapoor. With running commentary.
SRK everywhere (not complaining - he sounds decent).

Caught a bit of the big hoopla over Umrao Jaan. The promos look pretty but that's all. What I'm lusting after is not Ash or even Abhishek, but that gorgeous turquoise he's wearing. Beaut. muah.
Is it just me or are they very very thanda?