Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Desultory, you think?

Winter brings out the hibernatory instinct. I'm not much of an afternoon napper but give me a nip in the air and I tend to pull out my soft Himachali rug and catch some zzzzzs. Lovely.

I woke up with an odd longing for salsa. The sauce, I mean -- wasn't feeling upto the dance before afternoon coffee. So I looked up a couple of recipes and made do with what was in the kitchen. Capsicum, tomatoes, an onion, garlic one hari mirch, oregano, salt and pepper. What a phataka it has turned out to be - a spoonful and I nearly smoked from the ears. So majbooran, I added grated carrot. So now it is just this salad thingy but what the hell, it tastes great.

Nishu leaves tomorrow. And won't be coming Hyderabad-wards for a year!! No leave. I knew this employment business had a catch.

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