Monday, January 31, 2005

Things to do

I was asked the other day who my current list of heartthrobs included. Stumped, I veered to Hindi filmdom and came up with Zayed Khan (!) who I like but c'mon!

Whyever didn't I say Phil Keoghan? Ok, he isn’t as much heartthrob as he is hero to me but he’s so so so cool, he shoulda been there. The man's an absolute inspiration. His mantra, of course, is do it NOW, live each day as if it's your last. Besides, he's sexy as hell.

Making life lists is so prat-like but I did, several several years ago. Small and big things, some details, some points that defined my attitudes, some life-encompassing stuff – about a 100-odd items in all. I hardly ever go and look it up but the list sits there in my dusty cupboard, gathering energy.
And I find myself living out that list, quite without knowing how.

Why did I start off on that? Because Phil Keoghan makes life lists – not quite so nerdy is it now?! He’s of the race that knows Joseph, no two ways.

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