Monday, February 28, 2005


nearly half the shoes in the rack
the blue eye pencil, the khojati surma, the mascara
the yellow stole, the grey and the dull gold
nusrat, sabri brothers and hariharan
a few books
the packed suitcases in the verandah


deepa said...

aww, you must really miss her. has she gone off to art school? i'm sure she's glad you have a blog, a mail is good for the essentials, but for beautiful nonsense you can't do better than a blog :)

ps - how bad is the potter-mania right now? i've blocked mine out like a childhood trauma. it works too.

Sheetal said...

Hey Deepa! Fancy running into you here:-). I read your blog often - loved 'Why write'.
Shweta, naa, she's off on a project in Madhya Pradesh and might be awhile :(.
Pottermania? I have to confess the course runs full and strong... July 16 isn't all that far away, dum di dum di dum.

Anonymous said...

~sigh~ I know how that feels, but all I can think of to say is 'So she's gone, huh!'

Navin said...


jon said...

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Thanks for the great posts...


Anonymous said...

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