Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I got a haircut and the second in as many months. I haven’t been this shorn in like, what… fifteen years! It’s going to be a cool summer.


My favourite-est road in all of Hyderabad is the one that leaves off SD Road to turn into the Cantonment between Gymkhana and Parade Grounds. Open spaces on either side, this road is always a couple of degrees cooler than anywhere else. As night falls, I take that turn and dramatically leave behind the traffic and city lights; that turn always makes me feel I’m almost home.
By night, it’s always lovely, dappled and steeped in atmosphere. Tonight, it was spectacular. The moon’s waxing and will be full tomorrow. The Asoka and gulmohur trees are lending it romance worthy of a B/W Telugu movie.


Gayathri said...

Send me a pic of the new you?

Me said...

Mais, oui - as soon as I take one.