Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What DO I make of Neville's gum wrappers?

What do I make of Neville's gum wrappers? Aishwarya asks.
It's awfully sad, that's what it is - what am I supposed to make of them? Jeez, is there more to them?! Scramble over every reference - shit, Jo even has hordes of them on her desktop, one even has a link to it - there's a hidden meaning! What do the chaps at the Chamber of Secrets think? No wait, she said she used to be a smoker, that's why she chews gum - maybe she just had to pass it on to a character who happened to be Neville's mum, c'est tout.
But what, I ask you, what if it happens to be a 'smoke' screen and gum wrappers are IT? Will Neville put his by-now considerable hoard to some lethal use?

Aish, I dunno. I do think the fact he had to use his father's wand (which is now broken) is significant. But the gum wrappers are trash, except of course to Neville, they represent all he's ever got from his mother. Sniff.

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warya said...

hopelessly unimaginative, dryad. cha.
myself likes the theory that they hold hidden messages from his mum, who's trying to tell him that she's being kept at st.mungo's (by lucius?) but am also liking the idea of an enormous gumwrapperball that will crush voldemort by rolling on top of him.