Friday, February 18, 2005


Haven't been so 'thrilled' in ages. Just shut the covers of Matthew Reilly's Hover Car Racer and yaaron, what a maja it is being! This Reilly chap is Australian and actually released the book first on the internet in eight installments and, get this! was read online by about 18000 people. Now, they’re bringing out the book and Disney has already bought movie rights.
What’s it about? Here’s from the blurb:
In the world of the near future, man travels everywhere in vehicles that hover four feet above the ground. But this brilliant new technology has inspired a super-fast, ultra-competitive sport the likes of which the world has never seen: hover car racing. It’s both dangerous and glamorous, where racers are part fighter pilot, part, race car driver, all superstar.
The fun part is Reilly creates a composite sport by borrowing rules and formats from about half a dozen sports. Hover car racing has four major tournaments that make up the Grand Slam like tennis – the Sydney Classic, the London Underground Run (yes, held in London’s labyrinthine Underground), the Italian Run and the New York Masters; it has race teams and all the glamour from F1 and then some; match races and pursuits like cycling and gate races inspired by rogaining. Plus it’s all about speeding at 800 kmph.
Good, good fun, I tell you.

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