Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Children of the Sun God

There’s this thing about Leos and me. First, loads of them in my life. Dying days of July and the first week of August, I'm calling, writing or mailing one nearly everyday.

I'm Aquarius, and according to Goodman, this is one of those polarity things, with fascination and exasperation nicely blended. Complementarity, competition and a rare sense of kinship. True. No one can goad me to reluctant debate like a Leo. I find myself surprisingly more competitive when it comes to them. I’m also often amazed at their generosity, their vitality, and their sharp, nuanced intelligence. Their immense drive and motivation that comes almost completely from within. I love them for their warmth, and am extraordinarily flattered by their interest in me.

My sister Shweta, one of those Leos herself, gave me a sidelong look the other day: ‘You have so many Leo friends – I think you secretly like us.’ That’s no secret at all: keepers, every one of you.
Happy Birthday, y'all.


Samanth said...

Aquarian? What date?

Sheetal said...

Yes, fellow Aquarian, 22 Jan. You?

Samanth said...

Just a couple of weeks later. February 12. Not, of course, I declaim hurriedly, that I believe in sun-signs and so on! ;-)

Navin said...

Heh heh!

Thanks Sheetal!