Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Scraping the barrel

Did I tell you guys I saw a lion in the Van Vihar National Park, in Bhopal? I didn't? Hmm.

Well, I did.


deepa said...

wow, that's so cool. shaggy mane and everything? a proper lion? the most i've seen on my lazy thekkady boat rides is bison standing around looking bored. which was still pretty exciting.

wow, a lion. was he yawning? they have the most impressive yawns, like a casual murderous display. good stuff

Anonymous said...

SV yes, scraping the barrel indeed. What a desultary post! Surely there is some book you have read that you want to dissect. Even if it's only about chick pea

Sheetal said...

Deepa: He was awesome, Panthera leo persica! Yes, shaggy mane and everything. We heard him roar first. They have these huge enclosures and we didn't actually expect to see anything, but there he was walking towards us, majestic, tawny and muscular. Stared us in the eye, I'm tellin' ya. Then, dismissed us and lay down for a nap. It was cool, really. No yawn, though.

Nishfat: That only was the joke, no, baba?
Please, there is a request - all persons under category of friends mustly kindly refrain from uttering word 'chickpea.' We are at the time of writing severely allergic and might have panic attack.