Friday, July 15, 2005

My little pebble-heap of troubles

It wasn't supposed to be like this. I was supposed to have finished everything, to keep July 16 completely free for you know what. Instead I feel like a harassed student in my OWL year and will need a calming draught any minute.
There are a thousand things I need to do, and everyone is calling to remind me of deadlines. I still have over 100 pages to go in OotP. Shweta has annoyingly started reading it whenever I put it down and there are two bookmarks in the book. Grr. Plus have a cold and fever which makes me slower at everything and oh, chickpea is still a bad word.


Anonymous said...

Oh No! You're sick! And you have deadlines? My bloody mag is supposed to be out on the 18th and this time there's the other thingy too. So 21. And in between all this I am still on Book 4. I think it will only be 21 by the time I get to read it.

Sheetal said...

21st! No!
Nish, how will you avoid the rest of the world for 6 whole days? There are bound to be spoilers. This is bad.

Navin said...

I have booked my copy. I'll be waiting at 9:00 a.m. for the shop to open.

1. I have to go to the new house for a symbolic "moving in" before the evil month of Aadi.
2. I have a meeting to attend at 2:30 p.m.
3. Getting together with friends after that, possibly late into the night.

But then again,
My Sunday is FREE!

Gayathri said...

If it's any consolation, I'll have the book lying around for days before I get to read it :( And I know a friend of mine will call me hours after it is out, and threaten to tell me who dies!!

Gaurang Prajapati said...

Ah ! i was wondering what was the post about. Its gonne be released. And in few hours it will be online too of what happens where. If i were so eager like u. Would keep a tab here for the story outline. As i am writing this post 6 chapters have allready been briefed :-). Finally its only a book !!! Isn't it ?

Sheetal said...

Only a book! Gaurang, Gaurang...
Well, it's a book but there're very litte 'only' about it.
And the idea is to read it in peace and quiet - keep it between JKR and you, before weblinks like those intrude.

Gaurang Prajapati said...

Well fyi i have all the harry potter books along with many others. And me also have gone through the phase where the book/story/drama/climax made the difference. Not that i have gone old or anything. Probably have lost touch with that side. :-)Lets c am anyway going to buy the the book in few days. when i get free. Now that i have allready read the summary. I could concentrate on other aspects of the book probably. Kindly execuse posting the link there. Never meant to spoil other ppls fun.