Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pour quoi eet ees like zat?

Isn’t it odd how the Tour de France throws all these exotic, unpronounceable names at us? The recent storming of tennis bastions by the Russians is a bit like that too, but the Tour is an onslaught… Thomas Voeckler, Dave Zabriskie, Jose Azevedo, Yaroslav Popyvych, Axel Merckx, Jens Voigt, Thor Hushovd. Gobblybumblemdleymee.

How is it cyclists can last so long? With long careers upto their mid thirties, maybe more? Why are tennis stars so young, for instance? How come they burn out relatively faster? Do upper bodies give out sooner, while legs get stronger with fitness regimes? Is it that you get better at cycling races as you get more experienced?

And then little matter of average speeds - 57 frigging kilometres an hour. How they fall, brush off and then ride over 200 km? How how? Men or what beings these be? Eet ees vairy misteerieuse, ze humaan body.


Gaurang Prajapati said...

Hmm. Probabaly reading this novel "The Long Walk" part of the bachman tales aka Stephen King. this will give you an idea/insight OF what goes on thier mind. Does not fit in exactly. But anyway explains the envrionment, feelings, personal endrance. I started appreciating the runners or cyclists even more. Also worth watching is the movie "Chariots of Fire" with an amazing title song. Yes it still works on me. Simply superb. Other movie i suggest is "Triplets of Belleville" nominated for 2 oscars and won several other awards. Well check them out. Definitely worth reading/watching.

Sheetal said...

:-) Felled by a slew of recommendations! I will certainly try to catch all of these, Gaurang - thanks.