Monday, August 01, 2005

The sibling

Lists again. Next on Gayathri's master list: Five best memories of my sister. Gay copped out on this one and I think I will too. I simply can't distil memories of my sister into five disparate bits.

I could tell you a few things about her: that she best loves to laugh rolling on the floor, clutching her stomach - a fit that often goes on almost five minutes longer after everyone else has stopped laughing; that she hasn't met a child she hasn't driven into hyperactive hysteria with her rowdy games; that she's one of the most intelligent persons I know and the most capable of great things; that she's spiritual, deeply loving and coldly detached… I could tell you many things.

The short story: We're friends, Shweta and I. Soul sisters, even. She's an older soul, I suspect. Just as well I have a few years on her - these Leos need sitting on, or they get out of hand. We talk incessantly and very often don't need to, because our thoughts are so alike. It's a recurring joke that we should just sit across from each other and nod vigorously in agreement without saying a word.

Some things need saying nevertheless. Happy Birthday, Tot.


Shweta said...

Too overwhelmed to say anything but thank you. Very much. Best B’day present ever. Beats the cornflakes by a whisker.
(But could I please still have the Kawachi blackhead sucker outer?)

Gayathri said...

Here's from me too - Happy Birthday to Shweta!

Anonymous said...

So True! She reminds me of the poem by John Masefield:
"Laugh and be merry, remember, better the world with a song..."
Actually it is true of both of you... ofcourse it would be, I can see both of you nodding in vigorous agreement!
Hope she had a terrific birthday!

Sheetal said...

Pri: Thank you, Sweetness.. from both of us.
And Happy Birthday! Mail coming up.

shweta said...

thanks Gaga,
Pri i hope you went to the park aand had yourself a treat?
what did babies do, finally?

Anonymous said...

Shweta, not to the park but out for dinner and babies had fun!