Monday, April 04, 2005


Bashkul is standing upright – no wall, no table, no paati… all by herself.

It’s her new trick for the day – Homo erectus. Both hands held at ear level, waving them in the air in this curious circular motion she’s picked up from Narsamma, as if needing the propulsion to stay balanced. A moment later she ever-so-slowly subsides and plonks on the floor.


Navin said...

Err... What is a bashkul? Like a Balrog or a Nazgul? Kindly explain please.


Sheetal said...

A baby, du-uh, an 8-month-old baby. A balrog or a nazgul, indeed... I'll send you a picture, Navin Sigamany, and you better take that back.

deepa said...

i think bashkul is a right purty name for a girl. what's it mean?
dunn matter though, it's so purty

Sheetal said...

Deepa, don' mean nuthin at all, but cute, no? Versatile too -'Bashkooooool' when she's inserting orange pips up her nostril, and 'Bashkuli, kushkuli' accompanied by manic head shaking, if you want to make her chortle.
Just one of those sounds that seemed right for a cuddly mass of baby - her real name is Sahaana. It is being baby next door.

Anonymous said...

She stands! And no one told me! You have the stangest neighbours Sheetalu, I call them every week and yet they omit to tell me the most important things!


Sheetal said...

How remiss of them!
Update: New sound-approaching-word: 'Aiyya'.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but can u guys please tell me what is a kushkuli???
plz plz explain what it means?
sorry if i hurt anyone...