Sunday, April 10, 2005

Kabhi yun bhi to ho

dariya ka saahil ho
poore chaand ki raat ho
aur tum aao
kabhi yun bhi to ho

pariyon ki mehfil ho
koi tumhaari baat ho
aur tum aao
kabhi yun bhi to ho

yeh narm mulaayam thandi hawaaen
jab ghar se tumhare guzre
tumhaari khushboo churaaein
mere ghar le aayen

sooni ghar mehfil ho
koi na mere saath ho
aur tum aao
kabhi yun bhi to ho

yeh baadal aisa toot ke barse
mere dil ki tarah milne ko
tumhara dil bhi tarse
tum niklo ghar se

tanhaai ho, dil ho
boondein hon, barsaat ho
aur tum aao
kabhi yun bhi to ho

kabhi yun bhi to ho

--Javed Akhtar


sand_dunes said...

vow great poem Ms Sheetal vyas if only i was as creative as you were i am just too techincal seeing things in black and white or in 1's and 0's perhaps and mainly in some how dont believe in god

Sheetal said...

Whoa, not mine, sand_dunes! A gentleman called Javed Akhtar - I'm just reliving the nazm.

Divex said...

Hey Sheetal,

Kahan ho tum?? I happened to spot ur name on India Uncut and was zapped to attention. There're hardly any responses to my mails. Are u still working in the same place? Please keep in tch and tell me what's happening with u.

Divya Rao :D

~RAUL~ said...

Hey pls pls tell me the hindi song that was played in "The Blue Mug". I totally forgot the song and have been blogging all the people who were there that evening. It wud be of a great help

Abhimanyu said...

Beautiful Poem...

Hey Sheetal...yeah, the play was good...

And, about the walks...where do they start from and at what time??

Thanks for dropping by...


sand_dunes said...

ok but whats nazm??? i have no knowledge of nazm means being a hindi/udru word i cant google the answer

Sheetal said...

Divya: Are you sure you have the right Sheetal Vyas - there are two of us in Hyderabad alone, you know..

Rahul: Now that you ask me.. it was a Hemant Kumar song.. damn. I'll 'comment' as soon as it comes back to me.

Abhi: They start from various locations depending on which direction they're headed in - you can find their number in Wow!Hyderabad and call Frauke Quader. I'd suggest you wait till the rains, though - you're sure to get a heat stroke now.

Sandeep: A nazm is a loosely structured poem on a single theme, as opposed to a ghazal which has the liberty to deal with many subjects within one 'poem'.

Sheetal said...

Rahul! Gottit - Zindagi pyar ki do char ghadi hoti hai from Anarkali.

~RAUL~ said...

thanks a ton sheetal...
infact abhi gave me the song yesterday but still good to know that people remember the song...lovely song..

Divex said...

Yeah. I've been reading your blogs and realised you are a Kannadiga. Whereas the Sheetal I knew was a Marathi :) Neevu sa newspaper alli kelasa maadtha idhya? Haffun.. and apologies ..Too many things coincinded with the person I knew.


Sachin Gupta said...

Hi Sheetal,

It is my recent infatuation to Abida Parveen Sufi music especially "Main naraye mastana" turned to your blogspot...

And this is a real nice refreshing post. A collection from Jagjit Sir....

Yaad aati hain tumhari vo baaten,
Vo chhote se din vo lambi si raaten,
na aankhon me neende na dil ko karaar
Vo baarish ki boonden vo barasta sa Pyaar.....
Tanha rehkar bhi tumhara vo saath
Na hokar tumhara mere haanthon me haath,
Tumhari vo paati,tumhari vo yaaden
Tumahri tasveeren tumhare vo vaade,
Un uneendi aankhon se tumhare lavzo ko padna
Phir un jazbaaton ko band aankho me ghadna
Mera har baat ka hasin me udana...
Tumhara un baato pe gambheer ho jana
Tumahar rooth jana vomera manana
Jane kaise bana ye fasana
Khula hai mere dil ka hamesha ye dwar
bas tumhare kadmo ki aahat ka hai intezaar
Ye baarish ki boonde vo barasta sa Pyaar......