Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Floating a wish

I mention The Far Pavilions yesterday and then find out that the West End musical produced by Michael Ward premieres today. Hadley Fraser plays Ashton and playback singer Gayatri Iyer essays Anjuli.
Wonder how the book translates - can't wait to read the reviews.

The Far Pavilions is special to me. I was visiting my friend Anu in Himachal Pradesh a few winters ago and she lent me her copy for a little bedtime reading. So here I was with the Dauladhar range across the backyard, ensconced in an army cantonment reading a book set right there. It was magical.
To hero Ashton, growing up amongst a hybrid of cultures blurs his religious beliefs. Finally God, to him, embodies the mountains he looks upto every day - door khaiman, the far pavilions. I felt it too - God is there, in those mountains.
The book is so vivid, so edgy in my mind... it would be unfair to expect that from a mere musical. But from a purely academic point of view, how might they have dealt with the complex storyline? An arm and a limb to be in West End tonight. Heck, to see it sometime this lifetime.


rajneesh said...

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Sheetal said...

Much honoured! Thank you.