Sunday, April 03, 2005

Khoyi khoyi si

How sexy is Sanjay Dutt’s voice. Just been listening to Khoya khoya sa from Shabd as much for the Deadly Dutt as for Sonu Nigam’s velvet croons.

Kahin aag aag, kahin dhuan dhuan
Kabhi aas paas, kabhi yahan wahan
Kabhi shor ho tum, kabhi maun ho tum
Kaun ho tum?

Men reciting poetry… and men like those too…
Kho na jaaun teri baaton ki baahon mein….


Anonymous said...

Listening to Sanjay Dutt? Don't tell me he sings! He barely manages to speak! Priya

Sheetal said...

Primoley: Pardon, your prejudice is showing. He recites here, but he sings pretty much in sur too.