Friday, March 04, 2005


Ok, how am I going to do this?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is out July 16 and this of course means that a revision of previous works is in order. What is needed is a little planning. Briefly then the objectives are these:

1. Jo has confessed to scattering the tomes with clues as to what will finally happen. Apparently blokes on the fansites have actually cracked IT, but I can't say I have. I have no idea if Harry and LV are two halves of the same whole or if Neville is actually the real Harry Potter. Since this is a little galling, I must go over the books with a finetoothed comb, scan for rats and herrings, ignore the trees to see the forest and emerge… with a theory.

2. Additionally, I need to be totally referenced-to-context, to have all the facts at my fingertips, remember past happenings so as to at once grasp any connections made in HBP.

3. Plus, of course, the reading needs to lead upto July 16 so precisely as to crank up my enthusiasm and then be rewarded! It will not do to finish early and torture myself with impatience.

So then, what's the plan?

Plan A

Countdown. Today is March 4, which leaves us with 133 days. Cool, because there just happen to be 132 chapters in all! What if starting tomorrow, I read one - just one - chapter a day? (Insert maniacal derisive laughter) Ok, there are serious feasibility problems there - I couldn't possibly put down the book after a measly chapter.
This is a seriously good plan on paper. Spacing out the chapters would've allowed for serious rumination and absorption. Don't see it happening, though.

Plan B

Start tomorrow and go through the lot. Pay special attention to Chamber of Secrets and Order of the Phoenix. Read last chapters devoted to battle in Ministry with care - many clues therein, something tells me. Allow week's sinkage time and oh, also allot time for incidentals such as work and deadlines. Start all over again. Repeat till July 16.

Right, it's Plan B then.


avinash said...

maybe the movies can play the part of "study guides" in your prep. the two are eerily similar, in terms of doing injustice to the real thing and mangling the narrative.

Gayathri said...

And I thought I was a Potter fan! Would love to re-visit all the books before D-Day, but waqt ki qaid mein hain zindagi.

avinash said...

In "The Wisdom of Crowds", Surowiecki serves up the idea that large groups of people are almost always smarter than an elite few, regardless of how brilliant those few are.
The audience of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, for e.g., is almost always right. The "experts" aren't nearly as accurate.
Would it be an interesting exercise to have a crowd of people answer the question "Who is the Half-Blood Prince in the 6th novel?"
A similar thought experiment to see if it could be applied to Indian Idol, here. Apologies in advance, if the comment is wildly tangential.

Sheetal said...

Gay, you put your finger on it when you mentioned waqt. Unlike you I seem to have an abundance of it (am between projects and it's driving me up the wall). I've discussed this more fully at in post called How deep is your life? Of course, the cousin I refer to is you :).

warya said...

and don't forget neville's gum wrappers. there's something there, i can smell it.
have you pre-booked your copy? akshara gives 10% off, at least it did the last time, so many many years ago.

Sheetal said...

:) No no, of course we mustn't forget the gum wrappers - who knows what secrets lie therein?

Akshara? I'm sure they're doing it again.. but that would mean a 100-rupee auto ride for me, so I go to trusty Book Selection Centre, who're canny enough to scent my desperation and give me no discounts at all. On the other hand, I was second in the queue last time, so.. BSC it will be again.

Navin said...

Hey, Plan A seems good to me. And the enforced breaks between the chapters could actually be good for the thinking process!

Anonymous said...

Sheetal vyas, you're already starting - my God and I don't have my books to revise on and prepare for Half-Blood prince
What to do
Have you started yet