Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bits of coloured paper

These couple of days, I’ve been working on a collage. Just a tree against a blue sky - nothing fancy, but it’s turning out nice. Craft work is seriously underrated for sheer satisfaction.

We did it for the first time last summer. Pri and brood were here and it was supposed to be a project that would keep the kids occupied. Shweta, naturally was creative head, and in spite of the harum-scarum mode of operation and no fewer than five helpers, the flower turned out to be well worth wall space.

There have been others since. Sanju and Sidu made a star that I'm assuming has pride of place in their home. Shweta pored for hours over one labour of love that went to an old school friend who was getting married. (It hurt me that the friend didn’t even call to acknowledge it; Shweta, of course, brushes these things aside.)

This one, this tree is my very own. I already love it.


Shweta said...

Picture please?
I toil in corporate world
you play in corporal world

Sheetal said...

:) Of course, as soon as it is done.

Anonymous said...

Hey I have been wanting to tell you that Sanju made a collage for her school project couple of weeks back and we had so much fun! Her teacher showed her collage to the whole class among others. Sanju says "Amma I think mine is the best". We have you to thank...


Sheetal said...

Oh goody! Pleeze send me a picture. Give Sanju a BIG hug for me.