Thursday, March 17, 2005

Add a little cornflour starch

In spite of drawing up methodical plans for leading up to Half Blood Prince, I have set neither in motion. Navin, on the other hand began well and stuck with it for a week, but has since confessed that the schedule has gone horribly awry – he’s already at Book Two :-). He he.

What we need, I think is that book, The Plot Thickens. This is a set of essays and analyses by 55 fans, all chosen from Mugglenet’s forums. Some of these writers apparently have PhDs, but at the other end of the spectrum there is an eight-year-old from elementary school. The tie that binds is a yen for the Potter boy.

Some of the topics sound fascinating:
Ponderings… Does the Wand Choose the Wizard?
Occlumency and Legilimency
How is Harry Potter Like a Phoenix?
The Attack on Frank and Alice Longbottom
Neville and Harry: Children of the Prophecy
Petunia: The Woman Who Knows Too Much
Is Something Going on at St Mungo's? (Aish, this should interest you)
Snape's Patronus

Unfortunately, the book doesn’t seem to be available in Hyderabadi bookstores and I’m still iffy about ordering from websites. Besides, Rs 995! OoTP didn’t cost that much.

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