Saturday, May 13, 2006

Body art

How creative we are being, mon amis, you have no idea – our summer holidays are being spent in genteel pursuits. We are being very much like a cross between kids at summer school and English ladies of yore, who used to occupy their time setting delicate stitches and painting watercolours.
Humble self has made pretty shaded butterfly exactly copied from Vikas’ Learn Watercolour Basic Painting – 1 and 2. As you see, we are still finding Vikas a very reliable instructor in these matters.

And then in what we really consider a triumph (for we are not artistic), mehendi! The hand is reasonably steady and the lines acceptably bareeq! Check out this masterpiece we executed on Shweta’s foot. The head of the peacock as you see is imperfectly done, and we hardly need to tell you this is Shweta’s handiwork – we took a break to have chai and she decided to do her own thing. Oh, and design credit goes to Rupal Pinto.

We have now become very ambitious – scanning the net for more and more intricate designs and have conned children next door into submitting their palms for some posh body art. Next week, we will be knotting fringes and making tapestries, we believe.


aashiq aawara said...

yeh dil maange mor?

Sheetal said...

oho, aashiq, good one!

aashiq awara said...

arey coincidence was when i first opend you page. I was actually talking to someone about body art and lo behold types, when I look at the screen..the title says body art..

chimpangutan said...

Hey! Just noticed that you put my design on your site for your mehndi. Glad you liked it! ~Rupal