Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Pramod Mahajan (1949 - 2006). Much sadness.
Rajesh Pilot, Madhavrao Scindia and now this man. What's this, a hex on our younger leaders? Dynamic, well-rounded, intelligent, interesting men gone.


Meera said...

very sad indeed.. What a sad way to die..

The Marauder's Map said...

A couple of years back, when the BJP was in power, a colleague had done an extensive interview with Mahajan. She came back, not exactly raving, but quietly impressed by the fact that the man at least didn't brush her off with the usual platitudes. He was intelligent, articulate and open, which is more than what you can say about politicians, even some of the much younger lot (like Sachin Pilot, who redefines political correctness).

You're bang on about the jinx, though. Just count the number of young Indian politicians who have died violent deaths.

Sheetal said...

Meera: wasn't it? Heartbreaking to see his mother on tv this morning. Frail old woman, bitter, bitter tears.

Marauder: Yes, I got that impression too. What firmed my good opinion of him was how he reacted to BJP's loss in the elections: graceful and surprisingly honest.
Despite the moral and various other kind of hoops Indian politicians are obliged to jump through, there was a core of decency in Mahajan, I think.

aashiq aawara said...

arey mast conspiracy theories are going on at home re chai..we love a good conspiracy theorey.

Anonymous said...

Pramod Mahajan of the BJP, the godfather of bajrang dal's demolition squads? the force behind the Gujarat Genocide? What next? an essay celebrating Narendra Modi ? heck, why not a love song for Bush?

It is one thing to be so comfortable in one's life that one can conveniently never talk about things that matter, such as politics, but to give oneself permission to be so clueless that Pramod Mahajan's death is mourned! the hex is not on the politicians but on this country whose populace is so uncaring.

p.s. am posting anonymously because I don't have an account.