Monday, December 05, 2005


Hurrah for the power of the written word! I put down seven things I wanted to do, and here are quite a few done already!

Have I tidied up? Let me here proudly announce that all our CDs have been checked for contents, duly labelled and most importantly have been allotted CD covers, and put away for easy retreival. Yessssssssssss!

The printer has come. W/o scanner but we decided to go for a plain vanilla workhorse.

It is not quite the thing for freelancers to actually ask for a cessation of work. The gods, as we know, have a sense of humour and they might quite misunderstand the exact nature of the request, and then where would we be? Still, so frazzled was I with juggling deadlines that I made bold as to actually ask that of the universe. It has been granted me - a whole week of nothing to do. I have lingered on the lounge, with shawl draped around my feet and stirred as little as possible.

Er.. no.. I haven't actually made that list of books-to-read. Have decided to give up on that one - the books know when to find me.

Definitely found time for hair and skin care. No haglikeness. Tra la laaa.

Bought several clothes. More tra la la.

Two pairs of shoes. Ditto.

Now, if it was going to be this easy, why the hell didn't I reach higher?


Gayathri said...

Hey, the only useful thing I've done recently is make a list of books to read. We need a printer too, and soon.. and oh, I def need new clothes!

Sheetal said...

New clothes, new woman!
Weren't we just talking of lofty things - maya and such? Sheesh!

The Marauder's Map said...

And who made you do the seven tag, hmm? In gratitude, please go read Shadow of the Moon at once.

Sheetal said...

Yes, maam! Now to organise a copy.. Nishu...?

Anonymous said...

Don't have one unfortunately - but Sec'bad Club does. I think I almost borrowed it a couple of times, but didn't finally. And I've seen it floating around at Sunday Book Market. Or it may be floating around Daryaganj when you come too.
Must check when you come