Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tour report

Been away on a longish weekend holiday, visiting Bidar. Shweta had a 15-day workshop to conduct, and it seemed like a good idea to go.

Bidar, if you’re interested in details of that sort, is in northern Karnataka, about 136 km from Hyderabad. Drought-prone, dry place with a majority Muslim population. Home to the Bidri craft – a lovely technique of silver inlay in blackened zinc. Also steeped in history. Used to be the seat of the Bahmani dynasty and later the Barid Shahis.

Lots to tell you about the place… but we got in last night after a jolty, harrowing bus ride; I have the runs thanks to a dinner made of the oiliest gobi manchuria I’ve had in a while and I cannot bring myself to describe the fort right now. So it’ll have to be slices over the next few days. Insha’allah.


Australopithecus said...

Nice(the trip tht is)..I've had similar experience with chinese food in bbay. i killed a rose bush by throwing up..i will spare you the details.

Sheetal said...

Thanks baba - for sparing us, that is. So it's quite settled we avoid chinese in Delhi and Dehradun.

Anonymous said...

hello isn't Bidar in AP - why do we tout bidri craft so proudly in Hyd then?

Sheetal said...

Nish, it's closer to Hyderabad distance wise and in spirit. Was also under the Nizams, see?