Wednesday, December 04, 2013


I said this day on my facebook home page,
in reverential homage to Another:
Season 9, Ep 11: How I Met Your Mother.
Whosoever wrote it: you simply ROCK, birather!

A whole episode in rhyme, they said, and bedtime stories three
With a bus journey thrown in, why, simply, just like that, for free!

The baby Marvin will not sleep unless he is crooned to in rhyme
So we chuckled, we heard Marshall spin it out, and yes, we kept time.

It has inspired me, so it has; I find doggerel infinitely amusing.
So I’ll go on a bit, don’t mind me, tho’ you find it bemusing.

How long we’ll go on we cannot say, difficult to predict
As far as the mood lasts, or the habit is kick’t.

But I go off right now, off to do my kriya
I have to time it right, you see, or it’ll cost me dear.


Silpa said...

Much has been blogged, much has been said
about how awful this season has been - particularly Ted

I can only stand Marshall and Lily,
everyone else, even Barney and Robin are just plain silly.

But this episode, for me, redeemed the series,
and even though I really want it to end, at 22 minutes I found myself saying more please!

And while the birathers of HIMYM may not be Vikram Seth,
They did leave me in quite a satisfied state,

Kudos, birathers! Now just put away your pens and pack up
Even your kids are itching to yell, "Shut the bleep up!"

Sheetal said...

Indeed I had no idea of this sorry state of affairs
That the series was now so full of gas and hot airs

For, you see, my chancing upon it was quite random,
I am not, in fact, part of what you call regular fandom

I am dismayed, I say, to find your nerves so frayed
And HIMYM &%@#^* has its welcome clearly outstayed!