Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yeh aankhein, uff tauba!

Eye hospital visit. I've been on these rather a lot seeing I got my first pair of glasses at age five.
Since I became responsible for my own appointments I rarely make them very promptly, and then only when I'm nagged to do it. But the naggers are gone - my mother, who would have worried me till I went or taken me herself, and my sister isn't in Hyderabad either. My specs broke on my travels last week and I thought I'd get a new prescription while I was at it. And while I'm going that, I might as well have my eyes checked thoroughly. The general ophthalmologist has looked at it and the retinal specialist is keeping me waiting rather long. I'm sitting here, with my pupils dilated, seeing everything in a haze. They've stopped putting in the dilation drops and I'm afraid they're starting to shrink again. I'm not being good either because it's more entertaining to blog this minute than close my eyes.

Ok, so I hailed one of the busy people here and she tells me my name was called and I didn't respond because I had my eyed closed and earphones plugged in. So she just moved on to the next patient. But the guy at the previous consultation room tapped me to get my attention, I said. Clearly that is not a service the retina department thinks necessary. That is your problem, she had the tactlessness to say. I have adequately given her grief over it, but she is going to keep me waiting, I know it!


I'm done now. Some spots, some opaque lines, blah blah blah. We'll keep an eye on it, come back next year. Ok, thank you and that's that.

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