Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hong Kong Diary - 1

It's been a few crazy days in Hong Kong. Normally, on a travel assignment, I get rather isolated. No news of the outside world trickles in and when I get back, it feels like ages even if it has been only a few days.

But this is Hong Kong where there is wifi in every street corner, almost. Plus, my fellow travellers include a couple of film journalists as well and they have a ear to the Bollywood floor. So, in the middle of a tour of the sights, we know about the royal birth, about the Really Big News in which Salman hugged Shah Rukh at an iftar party.
Everyone is so excited, I became infected too. The video doesn't seem like much, hmm? Just the polite thing to do. I don't see what the deal is.

Many thoughts on India, culture, chauvinism, cultural divides, Indians, the Chinese, their food, values and yes, (general human) moral corruption. Not bad for two days, eh?


Shweta said...

Not bad? Too much I say! Now I must arrange not to be in silence when you get back so that I don't miss out the first flush of flourish...:)

Anonymous said...

Can see you're having a ball! Waiting for a detailed account with pics:) sabs