Wednesday, December 05, 2012


I was on assignment on the Karnataka Coast last month and had a double mishap. My old enemy - wet rock. I knew I shouldn't step on it. Indeed, it was only a very testing grope but a huge wave knocked me over and down I went -- my poor knees were bruised and sore for days. And alas, my camera got a wetting too. And now it opens but it is clearly not its old self.

What I should have done, according the all-knowing ones on the internet is: remove the battery, remove the card and RINSE THE CAMERA IN FRESH WATER! Then let it dry out till infinity, and then tried it out. Now I see the logical sense of this, but even had I known, I doubt I could have carried out something as counter-intuitive as this. I dried everything as best as I could, put the battery back and gave it a go. Now I may have ruined it forever. Salt water, they all agree, is DEATH.

I didn't mind so much then but am feeling awfully nostalgic now.
Well, at least my knees recovered nicely.


Silpa said...

I read, enjoyed and lusted after some gadbad ice cream before I even came here to your blog. I am so sorry there was so much pain behind that wonderful story! And I hope the camera is only more whimsical now... It's so Brrrr here, Sheetal! Hope you are better now.

Sheetal said...

Merry Christmas, sweetness! Is it snowing? Chat on skype one of these days?
About the pain, nah, it was no big deal - part of travel. The camera I have written off unless the repair people give me hope.