Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Bulla, ki jaana main kaun?

Certain words have come into my life since I found my Guru. 'Perception' is one of them. I cannot claim to understand it - after all, what I make of it is only in keeping with my present level of perception. But it changes as I change, takes on deeper meaning, layers and layers as I go.

It's been a lifetime of second hand knowledge - the science text book says this, this poet says that. This philosopher believes this, this genius claims that, the mystic poet says this is so... looking this way and that, cocking my ears at this idea, that thought... listening to those who seem to know... but, at the end of the day, hearsay, hearsay. What do I know? Not very much. I'm just taking other people's word for everything.

I tend to believe some people more than others. About our spiritual nature, across centuries, across lands, across scores of mytics, the same refrain. I tend to believe them. But I do not know.

In his latest blog post, Sadhguru says:

The whole process of what we are referring to as ‘Adiyogi’, what we are referring to as ‘Shiva’, is just this – perception, perception. The hooded cobra is just the symbol of the highest level of insight because traditionally and symbolically, it was always believed that a snake knows more about everything that is happening than any other creature, including the human being. Because he has no ears, he doesn’t listen to other people’s gossip, it is all direct perception. The whole system of yoga is just this. It does not matter who said it — Veda said this, Gita said this, Krishna said this, Buddha said that – Great! We will bow down to you, but we do not believe you. We want to know it. And this is the nature of the snake. He has no access to local gossip.
Local gossip! Hah, that's a fine put-down for every single voice in my head.  

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