Thursday, October 04, 2012


Dust lies on the shelves of this blog. The haiku hasn't been changed since the summer, the air is musty, and everywhere, cobwebs of abandoned posts.
But soon - a post on Kashmir, which I visited last month, my story on Zambia, where I travelled in July, a header change, some thoughts on the moon... much!
In the meantime, I post now because I'm running very very fast from a deadline that is upon my heels and will slay me if I don't wrestle it to the ground. Wish me luck.


Shweta said...

vijayi bhavah!

Sheetal said...

Dhanyavadah. Tava shubhasis sadyaha atyavashyakam!

Sunshine said...

aahh spring cleaning due is it? am inspired. let me get that virtual duster and clean up my blog as well!

knock on my door when you are all spruced up and ready :)

Sheetal said...

you too! yay!
knock? yeah, will do :)

Silpa said...


footloose said...

haha... what's going on this october? blog revival on everyone's minds!