Sunday, October 28, 2012

Andananta etha?

We were talking about Kshana kshanam yesterday - what a classic it is, how refreshing the music, the way the songs were 'taken' as they say in Tollywood-speak. And of course, Sridevi. Gamine charm, mobile face, now innocent, now sexy, now crafty, now ditzy. She carried the movie. Venkatesh rocked too, but Sridevi!
So as I'm feeling somewhat excessive:

...and, why the heck not!

Whachoo doin', Ramu? Kuch cheezein apne aap se bhi seekhni chahiye.


footloose said...

"now innocent, now sexy, now crafty, now ditzy"... perfectly captured, sheetlvyas!

Sheetal said...