Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tech niggles

Blogging is, for me, mostly an impulse. I remember that I own a blog, visit it with distant but burgeoning affection, and then, if I have something to say, I click on the button for a new post. At least,  I used to, but now even that is denied me because I have an ad blocker that puts these blogger buttons under that category and leaves my page bare of such easy conveniences. I must now take the trouble to go to the dashboard and formally apply to make a post which is akin to touching my nose like so:

As I tried to upload this doodle, I discovered yet another problem - my Ad Blocker blocked the upload window and, like a overzealous terrier, wouldn't let go till I disabled it.

But an ad blocker I must, must have. Because I'm being haunted by a particular website that I happened to spend substantial periods of time on when I was required to review it. And I committed what the site owners no doubt consider a heinous sin - I lingered at the 'sign up' page and eventually didn't. Now I am being bombarded, harassed by advertisements of this site every direction I turn. The Ad Blocker recognises this site most thoroughly and I am most pleased with it. But in the meantime, what am I to do with its inimical attitude to blogger?


Australopithecus said...

Satal, which ad blocker do you use?

Sheetal said...

Oz: I have Karma blocker, ra. also Firefox adkiller but Karma is better.