Thursday, December 15, 2011

Against a deadline

Sixteen minutes to go to my 7pm soap. What can I say that's worthwhile? Incoherent again.
Thoughts - dark ones - on definitions, labels, the desire for solidification, self-aggrandisement. On how self worth often stands precariously balanced on an assortment of sneers.
Sonu Nigam, Chetan Bhagat, Paulo Coelho - easy targets for anyone. Free potshots for anyone at all who has only learnt what is cool and what is not. And yet, these guys are sturdy enough to prop people as they haul themselves up whatever ladder it is they want to be high up on. Easy, isn't it, to tell everyone how well read you are, how refined your tastes with one look of disgust and a mention of Paulo Coelho? 

Anyway. A link.

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