Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sahib mera

Little bit blown. Actually very much blown. I’ve just spent the weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening at a festival devoted to Kabir. An explosion of music, of Kabir’s words, his personality, his timelessness. An explosion of ideas, perspectives, people, their intimate personal lives. Their words, their attitudes, their common goal. The politics of it, the ownership of it, the fluidity of it — the high brow application of it, the accessibility of it... it has been all somewhat overwhelming.
I want to blog at some length but am tumbling over my words, so incoherent am I in my hurry to say all the very important things at once.
So this, just to capture the first flush. But I will, insha’allah, come back to blog about the various aspects of what I have learnt, what I have observed. Already my state before I went to IIC on Friday evening is fast fading; I have assimilated too quickly.


Shweta said...

Badhaai ho!

Australopithecus said...

kya baat hain!!

Space Bar said...

There's that Kabir film on at Daaram, no? When - Friday 18th? Sweater?

Sheetal said...

Shweta, Oz: thanks. indeed I feel like I should be accepting badhai :)

SB: Chalo hamara des, I believe? they had a rocking 14-artiste festival in Bangalore, I hear. it should travel to hyd.