Friday, September 11, 2009

Oops, they did it again

In September last year, my landlady had this nice tree outside my balcony shorn. I was a new tenant then and I had protested mildly - perhaps she didn't even notice. But look, they did it again:

What am I to say? It was doing well, better than I had hoped. In a few weeks it would have given me privacy from 70 percent of the apartments that face me. Besides, I liked it. I didn't know they had this planned. Nothing to do now but wring my hands. Shall I storm off harridan-like and tell them how presumptious, how officious they have been? It isn't even on their property. It's a street tree. It belongs to EVERYone. How dare they?

Or now that nothing can be done, can I calm down and consider this a lesson in cultivating detachment?


Sharada said...

lady near our home in Hyd cuts down tree and doesn't stop at that. Instead, she proceeds to douse the roots of the tree with kerosene and burn it all up.

Gieve Patel's On Killing a Tree comes to the mind.

btw,an remote chance of you or Shweta coming on the BSAP trip to Andamans? :)

Sheetal said...

Yikes! the vicious sort. hmm.

Illa ma, not able to come, either of us. It seemed soooo alluring but not possible. You? representing the fourth jeep?

Sharada said...

Arre. kya tho bhi! Fourth jeep will be empty without usual suspects. Darn.