Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is the up

Sheetal's laptop is in danger of 'imminent failure'.
Sheetal is terrified.
Sheetal has researched: it is not a crank alarm.
Sheetal needs to back up a) hard drive, b) personal files.
Sheetal needs a lot of DVDs.
Sheetal then must put machine through a repair process, which might work or not.
Sheetal has no peace till she does this.
Sheetal did not need this.


footloose said...

oh man! that's no fun!

u should look into getting an external hard drive or maybe a flash drive with enough memory... much easier than DVDs, portable & great for massive backups.

Sheetal said...

yes, no? did think about it, but then dvds are available at local shop, and I'd have to go looking for the external HD.
On the other hand, one easy-peasy transfer. ok. worth it, I think. Nehru Place it is.

It All Comes Around said...

That's happened to me, I kid you not, 3 hours after I e-mailed a 25 page un-backed up term paper to a professor. It's not fun, my sympathies, and do the external hard drive as opposed to DVDs.

Sharada said...

Man that's scary! Isn't it a new laptop?! Hard Drive wonly! But be careful, you don't go around re-formatting it. It can go blank (I did that to a friend's collection of 4000 songs once).
And the Facebook status syndrome has gotten you baaad no? :D

Sheetal said...

Birdday girl: ess, Sheetal is lurvin' it.
New ante some 3 plus years old. Still, too young for this kind of sickness.
And er.. said person is still a friend? i want to shake hand - I have a fondness for saints.

Sheetal said...

Itallcomesaround: es, i am also coming to same conclusion. portable hdd it is.