Saturday, November 22, 2008

Under siege

Some of you know this already. When I have something on my mind, it tends to show. I am beset by mice in the office. Small ones, I admit; cute even, if viewed in a dispassionate, distant way but they're destroying my peace. I daren't slip into deep concentration, because the minute I do, one will shoot out from under my chair, or come right up to me, unseen. At other times, I jump at all moving things—it's wearing.

They scurry around at will. I daren't leave off footwear and sit with my feet up because the once I did that, one came round on top of the desk, compromising my escape plan severely.
For some reason, wearing socks helps ease my jumpiness. They weren't around for two days before this and I relaxed, assuming my complaints to the office manager had worked, that they must've de-rodented the place. Not so. No fewer than three sightings yesterday.

But I'm getting better. Loud throat-hurting shrieks have simmered down to strangled gasps and loud expletives. Soon I shall be swinging them about by the tail.


Shweta said...

Attagirl! From now the image of you swinging a mouse by its tail is going to enliven my dullest moments.

Sharada said...

They aren't exactly rats, no? Just itsy-bitsy cute mice. Squeak! Squeak!

On the contrary to what Shweta's imagining, I can only see mice with camouflage parachuting down to your office cubicle! COMBAT! MUHAHAHA!