Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tiger, Tiger!

Coming along the clear path,
in all majesty,
His Majesty.


footloose said...

i want to see this majesty.

Sheetal said...

Oh hasn't Shweta sent you a picture?

Sharada said...

Sigh... you guys are so lucky to have seen his majesty!
(Abhi aisa jealousy maar raha)Tell me, is it as breath-taking, as they all say? To see the tiger?:)

Sheetal said...

Sharada: About being lucky, well, the sighting was much prayed for, for we've been in forests scores of times without the slightest glimpse.
Yes, it was wonderful - simply awe-inspiring. We spent the whole afternoon in his company, you know. Worth every minute of the wait.