Monday, June 02, 2008

I wait

This has been a difficult summer. Some weird going-with-nature ideals hold sway chez Vyases and we make do with fans and vetiver purdahs. So you see, no ACs and no coolers. We simply tough it out.
I felt the heat particularly these months. Miseries of trickling sweat and heated laptops apart, I find I can’t write. Kind people have been waiting for longish whiles for pieces that should’ve landed in their inboxes ages ago.
All my wretchedness seems tied in with the hateful heat that rises off everything. The rains are lashing Kerala and I cannot wait for them to crawl over my city. Soon, soon…


Shweta said...

Satal, we had a sure shot remedy at our disposal and yet you waited.
Now that we have released the cloud-gates we can watch all our movies at Anand.

Sheetal said...

Very true. I think it does that - rolling off Prasadz in sheets - just to be beautiful.

But everything in Anand! no no! they never close the doors properly and that would irritate you, you know it would. And why do you go to the extraordinary trouble of italicising Anand, pray?