Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What I did

Sorry for all this silence… been busy, been ill, yada yada. Most importantly, no mindspace. RAM taken up with stoopid commonplace concerns, not worth spending even more time over. These are not the things I will be looking back to remember, but it is these that occupy me now, cramping me.

Still, the last month has not been without joy. I found diamonds on this lake – water is always hypnotic, but moving over water, with the sun splintered a few thousand glorious ways… I couldn’t take my eyes off. Good trip.

Then suddenly one night a couple of weeks ago, I heard crickets. We used to hear them every night when we were kids – I don’t remember when that stopped, but there they were chirruping over a lull in television noise. Much delight.

Watched Rang de Basanti. The first half lovingly gathers half a dozen characters, tells us who they are, why they are the way they are, what pleases them, what bothers them. The second half takes a blunt instrument and pounds them to pulp. In the interests of decency, there is a limit to the vitriol one can pour out, so I will just say that this was one of the most irresponsible movies I’ve seen in a while. If this was an opportunity to address the youth of this country (at a time, moreover when they are unusually receptive) this movie distastefully squanders it. Very disappointing. Best stick to formula stuff.

Went to the Hyderabad numaish, good afternoon out with cousins.

Whisky didn’t do the trick. Silly idea in the first place.

Now you know.

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