Thursday, February 23, 2006

On loop

Somebody pleeeeze give me a new song to hum…

right here, right now
hai bebasi (?) ka sama..
something something, hum tum yahaan
reh na jaaye baat baaqi

never gonna let you go, girl
nah nah na na
never gonna let you go



Australopithecus said...

how about?
"Ooo Kreeeeeeessshnaaaa eeewwwweeee aarrreee theeeee greaaatesstt myooozeeeshyun aafh theeese waaaarld"
"jack and jill wnet up the hill too karle mere hawale dil
twinkle twinkle littlistaar main kari hoon tumse pyaar"

the One said...

Try "Say na, say na how you said it to me". Same film, one believes.

Sheetal said...

*in awed hushed tone*
No! Really? I remember Ooo Krishna... but Say na, say na how you said it to me? Wow.
Sameer huh?

Sheetal said...

One, I must report great advancement in my education, for I have at last heard it.
When the One mentioned Say na say na, I assumed in my ignorance that One referred to some obscure number from the same source whence 'Ooo Kreeeeeeessshnaaaa...' sprang. I have just discovered that this pearl burst forth upon the world not in 1993 but 2006! Did you know that the next line goes, 'Do na, do na, how you did it to me'? But of course you did.

ME said...

How about this one?

"Koi fariyaad tere dil mein dabee ho jaise
Tune Aankhon se koi baat kahin jo jaise ...
.. ... ...

(my fav lines)
Ek lamhe mein simat aaya ho sadiyon kaa safar
Zindgi tez bahut tez chalee ho jaise .."

Not very new ... but timeless ...

the One said...

Quite so. Ah, the things this glorious phillum industry inflicts upon the world.

Sheetal said...

Me: that lovely song from Tum Bin... yes, liked the movie also.

One: The transfer has been completely successful - we can now sing nothing but Say na say na... dhol baja raj raj ke all day. Shweta is on the verge of sending you a stinker about it.

ME ... said...

I 've watched Tum Bin at least 5-6 times (for no apparent reason other than the feel good factor).

BTW, am a new lurker to your blog. Found ur write-ups interesting. But ME was surprised by your earlier comment that it's difficult to understand Kabir ... ME somehow thinks they are plain simple and easy. Ain't they? :)

Sheetal said...

New lurker, welcome, welcome. I share your fondness for said movie – what a pity Priyanshu hasn’t received his due from Bollywood – I really like the man.

About Kabir… there is understanding and there is understanding, isn’t there?
There is a difference between what I thought I ‘got’ of Kabir when I was taught him in school and what I gathered when I read him last week – that understanding changes over the years. A new look at an old doha can bring a new understanding, a perspective that can only come from a change in your perception.

What appears to be general comment on the rightness of time comes to mean something more profound when you have waited, waited and waited for something you want…
dheere dheere re mana, dheere sub kuch hoye
mali seenche so ghara, ritu aaye phal hoye

I understand the words in this doha; but I know there is something more here, something waiting to burst on me one day, when I have lived enough. You own what you love, he says:
Jal mein base kamodini chanda base aakaas
Jo hai jaan ko bhavta so taahi ke paas

What about this one? Kabir is talking of the complete isolation of finding God. I don’t fully get it, but there is a glimmer of his meaning. The experience isn’t firsthand but one of these days, it might be…
aag jo lagi samand mein, dhuan na pargat hoye
so jane jo jarmua, jaki lagi hoye

This is a longish response to what was probably a casual comment, but then you shouldn’t have gotten me started on Kabir :-)

Ashiq Awara said...

arey so amny songs and poems and all...and poor me naat yable to get Aashiq banaya aapne tunes out of my head...

ME said...

By any chance, have you noticed that the comments section is five times your original blog? :)

That shows something ... Shows that every thing we said encompasses a bigger meaning ... a far reaching implication than what we 'just' meant. We are probably getting more experienced and wiser and adding something more to the comments section everyday ... something more to what you said in your blog ...

And that keeps you in the close vicinity of being Kabir?????? Isn't it? Because I understood little more than what you said then you understand little more than what I said ... and then ...

(expecting to have one extra cell in my brain in next 24 hrs)

PS: ME wonders if you teach Hindi?