Wednesday, January 04, 2006


"And with joy the stars perform their shining,
And the sea its long moon-silver'd roll;
For self-poised they live, nor pine with noting
All the fever of some differing soul.”

"Bounded by themselves, and unregardful
In what state God's other works may be,
In their own tasks all their powers pouring,
These attain the mighty life you see."

Matthew Arnold


kuffir said...

yes, the new look is definitely appealing..but pray, what do the cross-lines in the side bar indicate..?
get rid of them.. and in case you haven't noticed my earlier attempt, i wish you a happy new year!
thanks for thinking of mathew arnold..

Sheetal said...

Kuffir: Thanks very much, a very happy new year to you too!
Glad the new look appeals to you - it does me.