Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Tamilians are funny people. I mean, really funny. Keen sense of pun, they have, and Navin writes about a form that allows them to combine this with their inherent sense of drama - the thathuvam.
Now I can't translate this, so my apologies to all who don't follow but at least six readers of this blog will enjoy these:

Car kulla tyre irundha adhu stepney;
Adhey namma mela andha tyre irundha, naama chutney!

Neenga bikela evlo thaan fasta ponaalum
ungalayae neenga overtake panna mudiyaathu.

Ambalainga adi patta ambulance varum;
Pombalainga adi patta pombulance varuma?

Navin has a new one on his sidebar everytime. Have fun.

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